Wobbly Jungle

Sweet, but oh my: WOBBLY JUNGLE will start testing your nerves on April 14th

bitComposer Interactive and developer Sourena Game Studio release the game WOBBLY JUNGLE for Windows PC on Steam today.

There’s so much more lurking beneath the sweet setting in the platformer WOBBLY JUNGLE: the side-scroller WOBBLY JUNGLE will drive players crazy with its 60 increasingly challenging levels. The player’s task is to help the main character Sina in his search for his girlfriend Mina. Along the way, the player faces a range of different enemies, all trying to stop them in their quest and cause chaos in their sweet world.Don’t be fooled by WOBBLY JUNGLE´s appearance: even the most innocent-looking enemies pack a punch and will never give the player an easy ride. In addition to all kinds of challenging opponents, countless obstacles and traps lie in wait for the player.

Especially malicious players can look forward to a feature that not only shows them the places of their own demise, but also those of other players.Only those who demonstrate complete concentration and fast fingers stand any chance at all of reuniting Sina and Mina..

Key Features

  • Varied and exciting: 60 challenging levels await you
  • Gleeful: See where other players died and leave them behind you
  • Challenging: Whether or not you finish the level is entirely in your hands
  • Smart and forward-looking: Many enemies lie in wait – it’s probably best to avoid them.
  • Confrontational: Compare your skills with those of your friends with the level summary

WOBBLY JUNGLE is available to download now on STEAM for EUR 9.99. A launch discount of 20 % is available, meaning WOBBLY JUNGLE is available at a price of EUR 7.99 for a limited time only!



Assets (approx. 230 MB)

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